Anokh Singh is very a successful farmer. He is the director of Agri-mall. His family has total 5 members. He is an ex-serviceman as a truck driver. He has a total 10 acre landholding for agriculture but presently only 4 acres of land is under cultivation. He has agricultural implement like tractor, drill machine and plough.  In Kharif season, he cultivates maize crop and in Rabi season wheat and mustard crop. Also he has been cultivating horticulture crops, which consist of citrus fruits such as lemon and aonla. He owns a bore well and uses it for irrigating his agricultural fields.

He received training by Yuva Mitra in Nashik, Fatehgarh, and Ludhiana University. In which farmers got information about soil testing, seed treatment, hybrid seed, sustainable agriculture and livestock production. When Yuvamitras agronomists were personally met and gave information about sustainable agriculture.Since that time he is cultivating mix vegetable (spinach, fenugreek, radish, tomato, potato, cauliflower, garlic, onion, coriander). The yield of maize and wheat are 9 quintals/acre and 10 quintals/acre respectively in this year. Total net profit of maize and wheat is Rs.5686 and Rs.7250  per acre respectively.

He cultivates vegetables on 1-acre land and earns total Rs.30000  till today. He is a Director of Producer company. He does soil testing and seed treatment every year. Earlier he used to do farming but motivated by Yuva mitra to sustainable.

He bought seeds from Agrimall. He is selling his agricultural product in local vendors, agrimall, and market. But he has been facing a critical problem like wild animal and transportation.