Laxmibai is from Dodi village of Sinnar Block in Nashik. She has 10 members in her family. Goat rearing was there primary occupation since 15 years. Before getting involved in the Goatry Based Women’s Livelihood Development Program, she hardly had 3-4 goats. To satisfy the family needs, they used to sale a goat kid on least prices. This was a continues process for them, but even the mortality rates had increased and due to unhygienic surroundings the goats used to fall sick very frequently. Lack of fodder and fodder management lead to reducing the weight and immunity of the goat. Since 4-5 years, sinnar block had faced severe drought and there was lack of fodder and water scarcity and even the trees had dried up.

In 2015, Yuva Mitra introduced Goatary Based women’s Livelihood development program in 7 villages of Sinnar Block. She started participating in the village meetings, took part in joint liability group meetings (JLG’s), willingly participated in the training programs related to goat rearing. She is one of the active members form the village.  Through the project she insured all her goats which are helping her to reduce the death risk. Veterinary services provided under project have helped her to reduce the mortality rates. Through the project, weight based marketing technique was introduced to the women. Laxmibai started inculcating this technique with the goats she had. When analyzed the situations, previously goats were selled to middle man on random bases and not on weight based which lead to loss of Rs. 1000 to 1500. Currently it is seen that each and every women involved in the project practices the weight based technique. Weighing machines are kept at Savitribai Phule Goat Producers Company. Ltd. This machine is carried to the respective goat farms and goats are weighed.

Laxmibai weights her goats before selling them. This helps her to bargain with the middle man. The bargaining power of Laxmi is improving day by day.