Rajkumar is a very special farmer from Massewal village, who has been living on a land he bought on lease 3 years ago (rupees 50,000/per annum). Total landholding of Rajkumar is 4.5 acres out of which 3   acre land is used for agriculture. He is a young farmer who is just 35 years old living with his 6 children (all below 18 years) and a wife. He migrated to Punjab 5 years ago from Uttar Pradesh (Sambhal district) in search of a better livelihood.

Earlier his main source of livelihood came from casual labor done by him and his wife but now after taking the land on lease he is more inclined towards agriculture. Along with agriculture he is occasionally engaged in casual labor .His wife is a very important support in sustaining a better livelihood in the family, she still works as a casual labor in the nearby villages and also gives her contribution in agriculture.

Earlier he used to cultivate maize and wheat using the indigenous variety of seeds, but for the past two years he has been using the hybrids seeds provided to him by Yuva Mitra and his productivity has increased a lot, now his total wheat produce is 5 quintals from half acre (rupees 8250)  (latest),and total maize produce is 13  quintals/acre(Rs .16900) ( latest) whereas in 2016 before intervention of Yuva Mitra, he had cultivated vegetables on only 0.5 acres of land.

He is persistent in his efforts to gain the maximum benefits from agriculture. In 2017 he began to cultivate vegetables from the seedlings provided by Yuva Mitra, he has now started cultivating brinjal, cauliflower, green chili , bottlegourd, onion etc. and reaping maximum benefits.

In summer, 2016 (January-April) he grew brinjal, chilly, Okara. In Kharif season he cultivate brinjal, pea raddish on 1 acre and which was earned Rs. 22835.

In may 2017 he cultivate bottle guard, okra, bitter guard on 1.25 acre area and earn Rs.11130.

He avails all the services from Yuva Mitra such as soil testing, agronomist visit, seedlings, seed treatment, training etc. He is looking forward to expand his vegetable cultivation and adopt new cultivation method such as drip irrigation in his fields.