Sunanda Vilas Bhabad is from Chas village. She has a joint family of 14 member for which she takes the entire responsibility. Their primary occupation is farming and Goat rearing. She used to spend her entire day in managing her household chores, her kids and looked into the farming management.
Many tribal women used to come to her farm for doing labor work. She always had willingness to help these ladies in some or other ways. She once interacted with her husband regarding the same and they met the field coordinator of goatry based livelihood development program. She understood the program. Sunanda had good rapport with the women and she skillfully stared introducing this program to them. Through the meetings, the program was introduced to everybody, but very less involvement of women was seen. Hence she mobilized the women and convinced them for such a profitable way.
She herself has 18 goats and also participated in the program and program activities. She attended the trainings, went for exposure visits and participated in meetings. She also installed fodder demonstrations in her field. Women were excited about the new technologies she was being using. They could see the advantages of techniques.
Slowly and gradually even the women started participating in the meetings, started taking revolving funds, few build goat shades, few purchased goats and some installed demonstrations. Sunanda is constantly guiding the women for more perfection. Women respect her for what she is being doing to support and encourage her. She was elected by all these women. Sunanda is now the director of Savitribai Phule Goat Producer Company Ltd. Sunanda is also trying her hard to increase the shareholding of the company. Many women are seen taking shares of the company. Sunanda has bravely come up for these tribal’s and helped them in sustaining their livelihood.