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Life Sill Training Program for Adolescent Girls:

“The adolescent girl still remains a young plant that neither gets light nor water. She remains

the flower that could have blossomed but didn’t…..”

Kamla Bhasin from “Our Daughters


Adolescence (between the ages of 10-19 years) is a transition period in life, when an individual is no longer a child, but not yet an adult. It is important to note that adolescents are not a homogeneous group – their needs vary according to gender, stage of development, life circumstances and socio-economic conditions. A general lack of understanding about the particular needs of Indian adolescents, specifically adolescent girls, persists in India and the wider global community. The Indian context calls for a focus on adolescent girls due to their general vulnerability, inaccessibility to basic health care and education, unmet sexual and reproductive health needs and rights, and age old traditions and misconceptions that have seen this cohort marginalized.

Concerns :

1) Lack of accessibility to education

2) Malnutrition due to Gender Biases

3) Early Marriage and child bearing

4) Lack of sexual negotiation skills, and limited access to HIV information and prevention services, has resulted in a higher rate of HIV cases among adolescent girls.

5) Attitude of people surrounding Adolescent Girls

Yuva Mitra has identified the above mentioned gaps and is providing Life Skill Training Program for Adolescent girls.

Objective of the Project

To facilitate the Life skills training programme for the Adolescent girls of Sinnar Taluka of Nasik district.

Coverage Area: 

No of School and Junior college Involved     : 50 schools from Sinnar block

No of Adolescent girls benefitted                  : 8250

No of villages involved                                   : 110

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