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Health Awareness Program(Arogya Mitra)

Health needs of children and women get grossly neglected leaving long term impact on their well being. Percentage of malnourishment is quite high among children, adolescent girls and women. Women and girls are also found to be anemic. Mostly these health concerns are not even recognized. As a first step there is a need to create necessary awareness among women on health issues, so that they are able to voice their health needs and take steps to overcome health problems.

Action against child malnutrition

We feel that it is a serious issue needing urgent action. Statistical claims hide much and reveal less; therefore we think concrete steps based on adequate understanding of socio-economic reasons of child malnourishment are needed more than anything else. Yuva Mitra has formed an action committee at the Sinnar level, which involves socially sensitive doctors, lawyers, journalists and government officers, willing to be part of collective action to curb child malnutrition. Activities to provide health services and nutritious diet to children are taken up by the committee. More importantly these activities are mostly carried out on locally raised funds through credit societies and individual donors.

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