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Center for Rural Livelihood Management (CRLM):

Current Status in Rural India-

1) Agricultural Scenario: Landholding is reducing day by day and also contribution of agricultural sector to G.D.P. This has resulted in unemployment and also rural youth migrating to urban areas in search of jobs.

2) Unskilled rural youth: Poor access to education facilities, lack of competent and committed teachers, lack of finance to pursue higher studies and the approach in not recognizing the need for skill enhancement has lead to higher number of unskilled rural youth.

3) Approach of rural people: Economic sustainability is a major issue for a rural family and hence income generation becomes the main focus than knowledge generation.

4) Urbanization: India has emerged as the fast growing economies, lot of urbanization is happening but it has been hardly of any help to rural people as they lack the required skill set.

5) Non Farm Sector: As landholding is reducing and also the numbers of landless people are increasing, there is a major focus on non farm sector like – Dairy, Poultry etc. But rural people lack the professional and managerial approach to set up and run enterprises in Non Farm sector.

6) Rural Organizations: Rural cooperatives and other development organizations work in a very complex environment. Running such organizations become very difficult due to the dynamics, policies and skill set available in rural society. There has been a silver lining despite the above mentioned facts. We have seen a

major transformation in last 60 years in Rural India. Today, as much as 40% of India’s total consumption is accounted for by Rural India. As consumption rises, rural India is becoming an emerging Powerhouse. But as Rural India rises, growth brings its own challenges. All stakeholders – government, NGOs, civil society and corporates – have a role in enabling this growth but these organizations require officials/managers who understand rural dynamics. There are very few of those who understand the same and its very important to develop the requisite skills of officials/managers to foster rural development and overall economical growth.

Yuva Mitra through Centre for Rural Livelihood Management has developed a favorable knowledge infrastructure for the rural society which helps in creating an enviable environment in rural area, generates livelihood opportunities and ensures socioeconomic upliftment of rural area.

We conduct following programs through CRLM:

1) Skill Development Program: Under this with the support of BOSCH India Foundation we are conducting four courses of four months each i.e Agriculture, Dairy, Electrician and Plumbing. We would be training 1200 rural youths in a period of 5 years. Already we have completed two batches and third batch is in progress.

2) Producer company “Farmers owned Enterprises”(PC)

We conduct capacity building and training of farmers with the intention to help them understand the importance of collective action through producer company model and impart training regarding legal, operational and financial governance of PC. We have been doing so for various producer groups from Vidharbha, Nashik etc. Also MAVIM and NABARD have recognized us as a resource organization for empowering their farmer groups.

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3) Grass Root level workshop (GLW)

As remarkable progress has taken place in Rural India, it has become important for the managers especially future managers, who are undergoing management training, to understand rural environment. Yuva Mitra intends to sensitize the management students with rural dynamics by giving them Grassroot Level exposure. We already have students from Welingkars, Kellog School of Management, Symbiosis and Tata Institute

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4) Rural Management Program (RMP)

In any Rural Management Institute, the basic qualification for a student to be eligible for any of the programs is minimum Graduation. Rural youth due to financial problems, less educational infrastructure or family commitments, end up in completing their education only till 10th or 12th standard. These youth either start working in their own farms or migrate to urban areas in search of job and end up working as unskilled labourers. We have started Rural Management Program for such youth which is a one year program through which they can be developed as Rural Entrepreneurs or they can find suitable jobs in corporate world who wish to tap rural market.

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5) Management Development Program (MDP)

Rural India which has propelled the growth of most consumer goods makers in the past year, is emerging as a laboratory for companies to test products and services that can then be replicated in overseas markets with a similar profile. Also with revised FDI policy, retail giants want to tap emerging economy of India but this is possible only if a direct link is established with the farmers and for the same it is very important to understand rural economy. In the light of the above given facts, we have started Management Development Program for the officials/managers of different stakeholders of Rural India like government, rural enterprises, cooperatives, NGOs etc to understand rural dynamics.

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