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Krushak Mitra:

Rural livelihood greatly relies on agriculture and agro based enterprises that need to be supported with knowledge, resources, alternatives, necessary infrastructure and market avenues. Concerned with the rising number of farmers, especially youth, opting out of farming, because of non-productivity, Yuva Mitra initiated Krushak Mitra programme. Over the years, various programmes have been evolved to ensure livelihood through sustainable agriculture.

Dairy programme has stabilized well. Currently we have daily collection of around 2000 litres of milk and we supply the same to Schreiber Dynamics.

The other important initiative is the Soil and Water Testing Lab that is one of its kinds in the entire Sinnar block. After receiving a lukewarm response for first two years, the importance of lab has been understood. Now we are receiving good number of samples for this lab.

Sinnar is basically a rain fed area. Apart from limited water resource available, farmers do agriculture in a traditional way. Also the liquidity of a farmer is very low as he gets his income after every six months or so depending upon the nature of agriculture activity. Hence it makes the farmer believe that agriculture is no longer an economically viable activity. But it is not the same. The approach of a farmer needs to be changed. This lead us to develop five gunthas experiment. It is a scientific and economically viable method of doing agriculture wherein farmer is linked with market every day. The area of agriculture land is divided into small plots of 5000 sqft and a cropping vegetable is sowed and after 15 days another plot is sowed with other type of vegetable and so on and so forth. Normally more than 3 types of vegetables are recommended and accordingly a cropping pattern is developed. This helps the farmer to get the yield everyday and sell in the market. Also less of labour force is required to work on small plots. This has resulted in increasing the farmers liquidity and his economic sustainability. We have trained 300 odd farmers to undertake this process and this has helped them to earn around Rs 2000-5000 per day.

Krushak Mitra

Krushak Mitra

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