Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) is one of the key approaches for improving the productivity and sustainability of irrigation and to empower farmers. PIM is the involvement of irrigation users in all aspects and all levels of irrigation management, in particular through establishment of Water Users Associations (WUAs). WUA comprises of direct beneficiaries of an irrigation structure responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of the area under their jurisdiction and receive the prescribed water quota with the freedom to grow crops of their choice. It helps address common issues with publicly-managed irrigation schemes, in particular poor upkeep of physical system, and underutilization of irrigated area developed, low water productivity, and poor irrigation service.

Yuva Mitra’s experience in promotion of WUA

Water User Associations are being formed in coverage area under Water Resource Development and Management Projects. WUAs are formed to maintain and manage water distribution from head to tail by the member farmers.

19 WUAs are formed on Dev and Mhalungi River and 14 WUAs are formed on Kadwa Dam under the project Diversion Based Irrigation and Integrated Livelihood Management.

Field Visit

WUA Meeting

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