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Stree Sakhi

Women constitute half of the population; however, owing to secondary status their problems never get voiced. They share a major portion of work load, both within and outside home, which goes unrecognized. Women are mostly deprived of resources and are kept outside decision making processes at all levels. The situation of women could be improved by making them aware about their rights and by changing their subservient mindset. Yuva Mitra’s programmes with rural women include

Panchayat Sakhi

Reservations to women in local governing institutions have supported women’s entry in decision making processes. Information and capacity building help women to make their participation more effective. Panchayat Sakhi programme is aimed at empowering elected women members through their leadership workshops covering important topics such as self-awareness, Panchayat Raj functioning, gender equality and so on. Besides training local support systems to these women are also strengthened.

Women’s Health

SHG meetings provide a ready forum to discuss health issues with women. Special meetings are also organised if required. Topics like nutrition, clean water, sanitation, malnutrition are discussed with the women. Special
women’s health camp to check up weight, height, dental hygiene, skin and eye infections was organised in Jamgaon and Ramnagar. Such health camps help women articulate their health concerns and then it becomes easier to address them.
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