People’s Institutions

Water User Associations– Kadwa Dam is a major irrigation dam in Nashik District which supports 11000 hectare of land in four blocks. The dam was constructed in 1978 with a network of canals but it was not able to provide irrigation to the respective farm area due to various reasons like – 68% water losses, lack of community participation etc. Yuva Mitra identified this gap and mobilized community which led to the formation of 12 water user associations. The Water User Associations were registered under Cooperative Societies Act. Due to this rights of community were established and irrigation was assured for 4000 hectares of land.

Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producer Co Ltd – Current scenario depicts that landholding is reducing day by day. On one hand input cost is increasing and on the other farmers are not getting right price for their produce. So the main challenge is how the farmers can be mobilized together on a common platform to enjoy the benefit of bargaining power. Yuva Mitra has been successful in mobilizing the farmer community and promoting a producer company named Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers’ Company Limited. Producer company is a hybrid between Cooperative and Private limited company which has enabled the farmers to remain at the core of decision making. It is for the farmers, by the farmers and of the farmers. Currently we have 812 farmers as members of this company under which we have started Agri Mall. Producer company is a platform to enable farmers to increase their bargaining power and bring them on a competitive footing with other agriculture related entities.

Dairy – Sinnar being a rain fed area, it was very important to understand other allied activities and develop the same. Yuva Mitra realized the same and started in 2004 first milk collection centre in entire Sinnar Block. We started initially with 20 litres of milk collection and now we have daily collection of 2000 litres of milk. In addition to this we offer veterinary services, bank linkages and cattle feed to further dairy activity. We have farmers from 9 villages attached to our collection centre. We supply this entire milk to Schriber Dynamics of Baramati. After our initiative, milk production in nearby 9 villages increased from 360 litres to daily 8000 litres.

Yuva Mitra Multi Agro Services Pvt Ltd – It normally happens that a company comes up with its own CSR wing or social organization to undertake social programs. But here we have been able to promote private company through our initiatives in Yuva mitra. As a result we have formed Yuva Mitra Multi Agro Services Pvt Ltd which undertakes Dairy activity and also provides hand holding support to different producer companies to develop their activities.