Punjab is one of the most fertile states, also known as grain bowl state of the nation. It is ideal for growing wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruit and vegetables. It produces 20% of India’s wheat and 9% of India’s rice. Despite of this, there are some parts of Punjab where the technologies and innovations haven’t reached at ground level and where the majority seekers are the marginal and small farmers. One of these areas is Kiratpur which shares the border of Punjab with Himachal Pradesh. There are 8-10 villages where the majorities are marginal and small farmers and this area is still on the shore of agriculture developments and innovations.

These farmers are cultivating monoculture of wheat-maize cropping pattern. The majority of farming in Kiratpur is dependent on rain. By the end of every crop season, farmers are not getting reasonable returns on their time and money invest in land.

On such distress situation of farmers in Kiratpur, we intervene with this project with core objective to enhance the productivity of existing crop like wheat and maize and move away from the monoculture of wheat and maize by introducing vegetable farming which turns economic viability for every farmer.

With aim to enable socio economic development of the small and marginal farmers in Kiratpur Area we are trying to create a model for replicating & scaling up of double income of farmers through Integrated Agricultural Development.

This project also undertakes enhancing productivity of Wheat and Maize through providing technical support, appropriate package of practices, demonstration plots through 5 R farming, creating an infrastructure to start input and output services for member farmers through Kiratpur Sahib Kisan Mitra Agro Producers Company Ltd.

It works in 8 villages adjoining Chandigarh-Manali national highway.

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Mixed Vegetable Plot

Mulching for crop improvement

Green Chilli Cultivation

Soil Demonstration