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Promoting Farmers’ Owned Enterprises (Producer Company) :

Yuva Mitra works closely with farmers for restoring Diversion based irrigation on Devnadi . This closeness has helped Yuva Mitra to deeply understand the problems faced by farmers in this region. Problems can be summarized into unavailability of agricultural credit, inadequate and untimely supply of agri-inputs, poor quality of agri-inputs, lack of scientific and technological know how regarding different agricultural practices and lack of remunerative prices for agricultural produce.

This has led to the formation of Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers’ company Ltd. It has following objectives to fulfil:

  • Establishing direct Linkages between Consumer & Farmer.
  • Establishing assured market & price for the crop by adopting multiple marketing channels.
  • Increasing Productivity & Production of farmers through quality and balanced use of inputs.
  • Bring about changes in the conventional farming techniques & upgrade to new innovative methods for optimum utilization of resources so as to bridge the “Demand-Supply” gap.

Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers’ Company Limited has started an Agri Mall which is a one stop shop. Its Objective is :

  • To equip farmers with information, scientific knowledge and modern practices of farming, which will indirectly help them to get higher produce of good quality from their agricultural land and provide sustainable solutions to several issues linked with poor productivity, lower prices of produce, their participation in the market and their access to new technology to make agriculture economically viable to even small land holders.
  • To tap the potential of rural markets by developing several agribusiness activities in Nasik district.
  • To perform the role of ‘One Window’ service provider for all the needs of farmers.

Currently we have 812 farmers as members of this company.

Different activities through AGRI MALL –


Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers’ Company Limited is the first in Maharashtra to get loan from NABARD under their Producer Organization Development Fund.

Yuva Mitra is providing hand holding support to 3 other producer companies in Maharashtra, 2 in Nashik and One in Nagpur.

Contact Person –

Mr Sunil Pote – 9422942799

Mr Somdutt Lad – 9850844500

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