►Regeneration of Diversion Based Irrigation and Integrated Livelihood Development Program

Dev River is known as lifeline of sinner block on which 22 villages are directly dependent on water. In 1870-1880’s decade the British Govt. had build over 20 Diversion Based Irrigation dams on this river and through the canal of these dams the facility of irrigation to the river bank villages was created. Community was taking care of these systems and repaired it every year. The judicious water distribution was managed by the village Panch committee. But later on due to negligence of community toward the system, the dams and canals got defanged and water recharge in the area stopped, which resulted in loss of water level in the area. Since 2009, Yuva Mitra has being working for regeneration of these DBI systems with community participation. But with support of Tata Trust, Mumbai, the work got shape during last year. Yuva Mitra has repaired 12 DBI systems in this year on Dev River. From this intervention total 18 canal and dams on Dev River have been repaired. 2777.64 hectares of land has being directly and 3722.36 hectares of land has being brought indirectly under irrigation. 4188 wells have also being recharged due to this and around 4276 families have being benefitted through this water. With the participation of beneficiary farmers, Water users association have being established on each canal to maintain this system and manage the distribution of water.

For optimum utilization of canal water generated through regeneration of diversion based irrigation to improve agricultural income, various types of activities were planned. Change in cropping pattern, change in variety, introduction of new agricultural practices, use of raised bed cultivation, mulching, drip irrigation,
establishment of kitchen garden and cultivation of vegetables by using 5 R farming techniques has been introduced and implemented in these villages.Dev - River Water flowMusalgaon 1- Canal cleaning by WUAcheckout gallery for pictures.