Yuva Mitra provides soil and water testing facility for small and marginal farmers. Soil and water test reports will generally provide farmers with appropriate fertilizer application recommendations for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Limestone. Soil testing also helps in determining the micronutrient requirements of crop. If farmer apply too little fertilizer, crop yields and returns will be low. Too much fertilizer will waste time, money and will harmfully affect environment due to nutrient runoff. Consequently, soil testing provides a farm management tool with a potential benefit to the farmer of increased yields, reduced operating costs and superior environmental risk management. Additional benefits include: improved crop maturity and quality, higher tolerance to disease and pest damage and increased productivity.

The lab and clinic provides facilities like:

  • Soil testing (Parameter check of N,P,K,CaCO3,OC,Ph & EC)
  • Water testing (Parameter check of carbonate, Bi-carbonate, Cl, Ca, Mg, Ph & EC)
  • Technical advices for nutrient management to farmers.
  • Agro advices regarding fertilizer application, crop selection and soil management practices as per test results
  • Test reports within 8 days.