In the drought-prone regions of eastern Sinnar, a stark reality became evident to Yuva Mitra. The tribal and backward communities dwelling in these areas faced formidable challenges when it came to accessing clean and safe drinking water. Their daily lives were marked by struggles and hardships in securing this basic necessity. To address this pressing issue and make drinking water more accessible, Yuva Mitra embarked on the path of community-led innovation, resulting in the inception of the Drinking Water Security Scheme.

Community-Centric Approach: Yuva Mitra’s approach is deeply rooted in community collaboration and guidance. By closely working with the local communities, the organization tapped into their valuable insights regarding resource availability and their specific needs. This collaborative effort ensured that the solutions devised were not only effective but also tailored to the community’s unique circumstances.

Accessible and Sustainable: Each drinking water scheme established under this program comes at an approximate cost of Rs. 1 lakh. This investment, while seemingly modest, has far-reaching impacts. The scheme has already reached five villages, namely Chas, Khambale, Sonewadi, Phulenagar, and Kasarwadi, benefiting a total of 1690 individuals and 1069 goats.

A Pilot Program with a Vision: The Drinking Water Security Scheme represents a pilot program that exemplifies Yuva Mitra’s commitment to addressing critical community needs. It serves as a beacon of hope for those facing water scarcity in these villages. The success and impact of this pilot initiative have laid the groundwork for expansion, with plans to scale up and extend its reach to villages grappling with similar water-related challenges.

Nalanda Foundation’s Support: None of this would have been possible without the invaluable support of the Nalanda Foundation, which has played a pivotal role in financially backing this program. Their contribution underscores the importance of collective efforts in securing access to clean drinking water for vulnerable communities.

At Yuva Mitra, we firmly believe that access to safe drinking water is not just a basic right; it is the cornerstone of human dignity and well-being. Through initiatives like the Drinking Water Security Scheme, we are forging a path towards a future where every individual, regardless of their background, can quench their thirst without hardship.


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