In the heart of Nashik district in Maharashtra lies Sinnar, a region on the cusp of transformation. As industrialization sweeps through this land, marked by two bustling industrial estates, the fruits of development have not always reached its neighboring villages. Basic amenities like clean drinking water and education remain elusive for many. Yet, Sinnar’s strategic location, nestled near the rapidly developing Nashik city and along the Nashik-Shirdi highway, has made it a prime hub for corporate giants and multinationals.

Amidst this wave of industrialization, one thing stands clear – the benefits of progress must extend to the local communities. Agriculture, once the lifeblood of this region, has faced challenges due to mono-cropping and excessive pesticide use, rendering it unviable for many farmers. As a result, young people have migrated to urban areas in search of employment, leaving behind an unskilled workforce and increased unemployment.

Recognizing the need for change, a project has emerged with a core theme: empowering women and girls through skill development in the fashion and beauty industry. This initiative not only aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but also addresses the pressing need for livelihood opportunities and women’s empowerment.

The fashion and beauty sector, both locally and globally, is experiencing rapid growth. By providing vocational training in these fields, the project aims to equip individuals with the skills required to secure employment or start their own businesses. This endeavor particularly focuses on women and girls who may have been denied education and job opportunities in the past.

The approach is clear and holistic. Two key components are at the heart of this project:

Fashion Designing: 60 marginalized Women and Girls from Sinnar will undergo comprehensive training in fashion designing. This program spans three months for each batch and seeks to unleash their creative potential.

Beauty Parlour: Another 60 Women and Girls will be trained in beauty parlour services, with a similar three-month duration for each batch. This training covers various aspects of beauty and wellness, from skincare treatments to salon management.

The curriculum development process involves a thorough market needs assessment, ensuring that the training aligns with industry expectations and job demands. Experienced instructors, chosen for their practical expertise, are provided with extensive training. Additionally, soft skill development is integrated, enhancing participants’ communication, entrepreneurship, and market awareness.

Upon course completion, participants will be awarded certificates, validating their skills and enhancing employability. Moreover, mentorship opportunities will connect them with industry professionals and designers to stay attuned to market trends.

This project’s impact is profound, with women and girls gaining increased income and employment opportunities. It not only improves their lives but also contributes to the economic development of the community. Furthermore, by promoting entrepreneurship and equipping women and girls with essential skills, this initiative addresses multiple SDGs, including gender equality, decent work and economic growth, and quality education.

In Sinner, a transformative journey is underway, one where women and girls are not only learning the art of fashion and beauty but also crafting a brighter, more empowered future for themselves and their community.


Mitrangan Campus, Ghoti – Sinnar Highway, Harsule Shivar, Lonarwadi, Pincode- 422103 Taluka-Sinnar, District- Nashik. Maharashtra, India.

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