Drought, an unwelcome visitor in many parts of our country, has brought immense challenges, affecting both human lives and biodiversity. The situation is poised to worsen as the demand for water resources surges, compounded by the unpredictability of climate change. In response to this pressing issue, a collaborative effort between The Nature Conservancy (TNC), India, and Yuva Mitra is underway to develop a comprehensive, science-driven, and cost-effective intervention for building drought resilience within the Dev River catchment in Sinnar block.

At the heart of this initiative is a commitment to improving water availability for both the people and the fragile ecosystems of the Devnadi catchment. To achieve this, a multifaceted approach is being adopted.

1. Socio-economic Study: The project begins with an in-depth socio-economic study aimed at identifying the unique challenges faced by the local community. This study forms the bedrock of understanding the intricate web of factors affecting livelihoods and well-being in the region.

2. Biodiversity Study: Biodiversity, a critical component of the ecosystem, is under threat due to prolonged drought conditions. A thorough biodiversity study is being conducted to assess the current status and the impact of drought on the region’s rich flora and fauna.

3. Hydrological Study: Mapping the aquifer and identifying recharge zones are integral to sustainable water management. A hydrological study is in progress to provide valuable insights into groundwater dynamics, a lifeline for these communities.

4. Implementation Plan: The comprehensive implementation plan is the blueprint for action. It encompasses various crucial aspects, including Biodiversity Conservation, Livelihood Resource Development, Groundwater Recharge, Community Ownership Enhancement for Effective Water Use, and the creation of a drought-resilient ecosystem.

5. Coverage: This ambitious project extends its reach to 65 villages within the Devnadi catchment in Sinnar block, recognizing the interconnections of communities and ecosystems in the region.

This collaborative effort between TNC, India, and Yuva Mitra underscores the urgency of building resilience in the face of increasing water scarcity and climate uncertainty. By harnessing the power of science, local context, and community engagement, this project aims to create a sustainable and drought-resilient future for all, where people and nature thrive together.


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