In rural Sinnar, Maharashtra, goat rearing is more than just a livelihood—it’s an insurance policy for small and marginal farmers. Known as the “poor man’s cow,” goats thrive in harsh environments and on low-fertility lands, providing a consistent source of income even in drought-prone areas. In this region, where agricultural activities are hampered by water scarcity, goats have been a lifeline for many families.

However, the potential of goat farming can only be fully realized through scientific practices and collective action. That’s where Savitribai Phule Goat Farming Producer Company Ltd. steps in. Established by Yuva Mitra with the support of NABARD, this women-owned enterprise has become a beacon of hope in Sinnar, empowering marginalized women through sustainable goat farming.

Empowering Rural Women through Sustainable Goat Farming

Savitribai Phule Goat Farming Producer Company Ltd. was founded in May 2016 with a mission to increase the income of marginalized and assetless goat-rearing women. Sinnar, with its history of drought and water scarcity, became the focal point of this initiative. The company boasts 2500+ members and 1100+ shareholders and is entirely owned and operated by women.

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods

The primary objective of the company is to enable marginalized women, especially widows and single women, to engage in goat farming as a profitable business. This is achieved through knowledge dissemination, awareness generation, and the use of affordable technology in goat farming. The company focuses on Sangamneri and Osmanabadi breeds, well-suited to the local environment.

Comprehensive Services

Savitribai Phule Goat Farming Producer Company Ltd. offers a range of services to its members:

  1. Goat Insurance: Members are linked with suitable insurance services to provide a safety net in case of goat mortality. The company facilitates quick settlement of claims, ensuring members receive the support they need.

  2. Marketing: The company actively engages in marketing goatery-based products produced by its members. It currently markets goat milk and goat meat under the brand name ‘SAVI,’ ensuring fair prices for members’ produce.

  3. Product Range: The company offers an array of products, including cheese (Cheddar, Feta), yogurt, ghee, and raw milk.

  4. Weight-Based Goat Trading: To prevent distress sales, the company introduced weight-based goat trading, guaranteeing higher prices for members’ goats based on weight. This initiative has reduced market exploitation.

  5. Knowledge Support: Members receive quality bucks for breeding, and they are educated on better fodder management practices. The company promotes the cultivation of fodder crops, silage making, and preparing concentrated feed to combat summer stress.

  6. Financial Support: All members are linked with the formal banking system, promoting financial literacy. Joint Liability Groups are formed to support each other in accessing credit.

  7. Veterinary Services: The company establishes para veterinary cadres called Pashu Sakhis at the village level for primary goat healthcare. This initiative aims to reduce goat mortality rates.

  8. Pashu Mall: The company operates 57 Pashu Malls in villages, providing goat farmers with access to supplements and reducing their travel costs.

  9. Nursery: To address fodder scarcity, the company operates a small-scale nursery, providing seedlings of Moringa (Drumstick), a highly nutritious fodder plant.

Impact and Success

Savitribai Phule Goat Farming Producer Company Ltd. has made significant strides in empowering women and improving their livelihoods. Through innovative practices like weight-based goat trading, the company ensures fair prices for members’ produce. The introduction of goat milk marketing has not only benefited members but also tapped into the high-demand urban market.

Furthermore, the company’s focus on knowledge dissemination, financial inclusion, and veterinary services has enhanced goat farming practices and reduced mortality rates, increasing the overall income of shareholders.

Savitribai Phule Goat Farming Producer Company Ltd. stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable goat farming, empowering women and strengthening rural communities in Sinnar, Maharashtra. With a focus on collective action and scientific practices, this women-owned enterprise is creating a brighter future for all its members.


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